GFC Air Spoiler | Overland Storage Systems Milwaukee PACKOUT™ | Bang for $$$ | Ford Ranger


In this video we figure out how to reduce the wind noise caused by the GFC camper by making an air spoiler out of 5052 Aluminum 1/8" = .125. We had a little too much fun bending our first piece of metal on our new Grizzle 4' Finger brake bender!

Then we added a set of Milwaukee PACKOUTs to the set up. Adding more usable storage. (Milwaukee PACKOUT products are designed for interior applications. Milwaukee products have not been tested or rated for external applications). This build is for our purposes only. We simply believe the PACKOUT products are a great solution for any camper or Overland build. Coming in far cheaper than any other Overland storage systems currently on the market.

Connect with us: Other Video Links: Milwaukee Overland? Best Value.... by Nemesis5Zero AMAZON LINKS {Camera Gear used in this video} - DJI Mic System - DJI Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo, Waterproof Action Camera with 4K HDR, 10-Bit Color Depth Other favorites - DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer, 3-Axis Phone Gimbal - BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200MAX, 2048Wh LiFePO4 - Home Depot Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Plate #48-22-8485 $30- ~ Wall and floor mounting ~ Metal reinforced mounting holes ~ Metal reinforced tie-down points ~ Impact resistant polymer construction ~ 16 in. hole spacing for easy mounting to studs ~ 100 lbs. weight capacity when mounted to floor and 50 lbs when mounted to walls ~ Dimensions: H 1.142 in, W 18.425 in, D 23.425 in Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Large Tool Box #48-22-84-25 $90- The PACKOUT modular storage system is the industry's most durable and versatile storage system. The PACKOUT large tool box is constructed with impact resistant polymers and metal reinforced corners so it can withstand harsh jobsite environments. The tool storage box connects with all other PACKOUT system components via integrated locking cleats and features a 100 lbs. of weight capacity. An IP65 rated weather seal protects tools and accessories from rain and other jobsite debris. Interior organizer trays allow users to keep equipment organized to fit their needs. A carry handle and reinforced hinges ensure the large tool box is easily transportable wherever it is needed. The PACKOUT modular storage allows users to customize and build their own storage system to easily transport and organize tools and accessories. ~ IP65 rated which means you can have peace of mind that your toolbox will protect your tools against low pressure water, like rain or small jobsite mishaps, as well as offering full protection against dust and other particles ~ Metal reinforced top handle ~ Metal reinforced corners ~ Metal reinforced locking point ~ Interior organizer tray ~ Mounting location for the One-Key tick - a Bluetooth tracking device for Packout products ~ Heavy-duty latches ~ Reinforced hinge ~ Exterior Dimensions - 22.1" W x 16.2" D x 11.1" H ~ Interior Dimensions - 19.7"W x 13.2" D x 8.5" H


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