Flexible Solar Panel Stand - Dog Agility Tunnel

With the newest arrival of the Bluetti AC200 Solar Generator. We needed to add to the solar panel line up. Thinking about weight and travel the best $$$ seemed to be 5 HQST flexible 100 watt 12 volt all wired in series with my other panels. The AC200 can take up to 700 watts with a range of 35-150 volts. With the arrival of the solar panels now I needed an easy portable stand solution.

I came across a video from Black Forest Solar which suggested the flexible tunnels. I hopped on Amazon and picked up an 18ft agility tunnel. With the flexible panels it does a great job holding them all up at a nice angle. This solution doesn't work for aluminum framed panels. (I currently have a flexible trash can in the tunnel giving the last HQST 100 panel extra support) I also took all of the flexible panels and zip tied them together. This speeds up the process allowing me to fold them as I would a map. Both solutions help for quick set up and break down when on the go.


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